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Our company ALEXIPIRO Ltd was founded in 2008 by the partner and manager Nicholas G. Diamantis a ret Major of the Greek Fire Service Department, Counselor and Judicial Expert.

It operates in the specialized areas of Fire and Civil Protection and provides high quality services in crime investigations of arson - technical reports – experts – Emergency Plans- Evacuation Rescue and Escape Plans- training education and research.

Fire Safety - Fire Research Development

Emergencies Plan - Evacuation Rescue and Escape Plan

Investigation of Arson Crimes | Legal Advice - Forensic Arson Investigation Advice

Forensic Arson Investigation Advice – Autopsy

Legal Advice - Technical Reports – Expert Reports

Education and Research

To ensure life and property of citizens

Our company aims due to the use of our own and our partners’ long years experience in the Fire Service Department and Greek Police expertise in the areas of Security, Fire Safety and Civil Protection to assure life and property of citizens and businesses so to eliminate injuries and fire risks. We provide consulting services to enterprises, insurance companies, local authorities, legal entities under public or private law and to individuals. Providing innovative and integrated solutions we address with the best way against any potential risk, like criminal acts, arson attacks and other disasters ensuring also the protection of the environment. 


Our company’s associates have significant experience and expertise that mainly comes from related activity to the Security Forces and Local Government and of course also from the business field. Our company's scientific staff has the appropriate infrastructure to be able to cope efficiently in services it provides, they are also certified from OAED (manpower employment organization) for vocational training programs like LAEK. Farther more we have developed partnerships with relevant business companies, major law firms in Athens and also with construction companies. We absolutely believe in partnerships so to create an environment that will ensure with the best possible way the requirements from our customers.

With the sensitivity of the people who really know

The areas in which we are active: security, fire safety and civil protection are sometimes treated fragmentarily or even without the required and necessary specialized knowledge and of course skills over the issues, let alone the sensitivity of the people who really know these areas.

To foster a sense of security

The company's goal is also to cultivate the feeling of safety and to raise awareness of the society at large on issues of specific risks, such as arsons, crime, injuries, natural disasters etc. through effective education programs and information. 

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